Safety Alert High Voltage Flashover

The following Safety Alert is to communicate a serious incident that has occurred


Site Operations & Construction during COVID-19

Version 6, 12 June 2020: Addition of risk assessment and link to COVID-19 testing via the NHS


Quality of KN95 face masks

New safety alert from the UK HSE regarding the quality of KN95 face masks

sbd 3

SbD Workshop- Working Under Suspended Loads

The first SafetyOn Safe by Design workshop in the SafetyOn work programme was on working under suspended loads during major component exchanges.


Site Operations & Construction during COVID-19

Version 5, 15 May 2020: Inclusion of guidance for pre-construction surveys + safety note for hygiene products and PPE


Site Operations & Construction During COVID 19

Version 3, 17 April 2020: O&M guidance: further clarification on COVID19 incident reporting/ Statutory inspections. New Guidance for Construction


Site Operations & Activities During COVID-19

Version 2, 03 April 2020: further clarification on transport in vehicles/ hygiene measures