General Note

Request to Inspect

Dear Customer

We have received a Safety Warning communication from Peguet regarding MRNZ08.0, 8mm Standard Zinc plated steel screwlink - heightec product code CSN08.
Peguet have reported a single instance of a manufacturing defect in a Maillon Rapide for batch “A.19.04”.

A - supplier traceability
19 - year of manufacture
04 - equipment model number
For full details on the defect and inspection advice, please see the official SAFETY WARNING from Peguet.
heightec request all customers who have previously purchased this product to check the batch code and follow the guidelines from Peguet.

The following products issued between December 2019 and April 2020 may be affected:

  • Oval Screwlink, 8mm - CSN08
  • Piranha Adjustable Lanyards - LA02H, LA03H, LA05H
  • Twin/Single Lanyards:
    • Elite Lanyards - L2M125S, L2M150S, L2M175S
    • Core Lanyards - L1B175K, L2B125S, L2B150S
    • Tensor Lanyards - L02M100S, L02M125S
  • Telson Stretcher - MS05
  • RescuePack - WK32, WK32050
  • RotorEvac - WK42

In the event that a defect is found, the product should be withdrawn from use immediately. Please notify both Peguet: and heightec:

Please ensure this communication is forwarded to relevant duty holders within your organisation. If these items are no longer under your control please ensure this communication is forwarded to relevant parties for inspection.

Peguet apologises for any inconvenience caused by the visual inspection request.

Yours sincerely


Source: Heightec / Peguet