Safety releases can be categorised into the below three categories;

  • Safety Alert: Important, there will be actions required in the alert to close it out.
  • Safety Bulletin: when an issue has been identified with a piece of equipment or process, that has the potential for harm/injury or damage. This is more of a technical notification.
  • Safety Notification: to communicate safety related information which tends to be for information only.

Temporary prohibition of the use of angle grinders


During the activities of blade repair with rope access, an employee accidentally activated the angle grinder, causing a deep cut on his leg.


Electricity cable struck by excavator


An overhead 11kv electricity line was struck by arm of excavator. Operatives were backfilling trenches where fibre optic cables within ducts have been laid

hv trip

HV Trip caused a T-Stop at WTG


A HV trip caused a T-stop at WTG 707. Technicians visited the turbine to investigate the fault following the HV trip. Upon arrival at the Nacelle they discovered damage to the Q7 cubicle. On further investigation the technicians found that an arc flash event had occurred within the Q7 cabinet.


Arc Flash Burn


A Senior Engineer suffered burns in his hands as a result of an Arc-Flash. The Engineer failed to work according to the correct work procedure and to disconnect the cables from the battery side before disconnecting the battery power cables from the BMS, resulting in an Arc Flash.