Safety releases can be categorised into the below three categories;

  • Safety Alert: Important, there will be actions required in the alert to close it out.
  • Safety Bulletin: when an issue has been identified with a piece of equipment or process, that has the potential for harm/injury or damage. This is more of a technical notification.
  • Safety Notification: to communicate safety related information which tends to be for information only.

Arc Flash Event


During planned service work on a WTG the AT of the party was removing isolations to Q3 and Q10 within the 1S1 cabinet at the convertor platform level. When the technician removed the Q3 isolation, the lockout device fell down into the cabinet, appearing to fall between a gap in the protective covers and coming into contact with live conductors causing an Arc Flash Event to occur.


Dropped object incident


A wooden pallet containing a load was being lifted back onto the racking, and as the Forklift Truck was being turned, the load tipped, causing the wooden pallet to fall to the ground.

battery storage

Battery Energy Storage System Fire


An incident occurred on a battery energy storage system that resulted in extensive damage to the battery system and container due to fire.


Electrical Contact


Fault finding within the Hub Spinner area cabinet +A6. A technician received electric shock following application of isolations.