Topic: Winter Driving


With winter approaching the more northern areas of the world we are taking the opportunity to remind those who may be affected of the increased risk of road traffic incidents and general winter conditions on construction and asset sites during winter months, in particular in remote areas where weather conditions can be more extreme and assistance can take longer to reach you. Below are some key things to consider.

Lessons learned / Findings

  • Monitor the weather forecast and conditions and be aware that weather can change quickly.
  • On site conditions can lead to the increased likelihood of slips and trips, therefore ensure secure footing and proper footwear
  • Are journey necessary, can they be avoided through use of video conferencing or telecoms for meetings and site visits?
  • Plan longer journeys times and let someone know where you are going
  • Increase breaking distances between you and the vehicle in front and check your tyres are legal, including local legislation and rules on winter tyres.
  • Keep your windscreens, mirrors lights clear of ice and snow, ensure full visibility before driving, make sure windscreen wipers are working
  • Use de-icer screen wash in your windscreen cleaner, scrapers
  • In winter hours of darkness are longer: look out for pedestrians, cyclists and animals
  • Keep your mobile phone fully charged
  • Take care at puddles in road as there may be unseen hazards such as potholes.
  • Increase risk of surface water during rain.
  • Stick to main roads were possible, avoid country backroads as they are less likely to be treated during snow and ice
  • Consider carrying some additional warm clothing or a blanket along with some energy bars and water in the event of an incident or breakdown.
  • Consider a first aid kit your vehicle, roadside reflective triangle
  • Consider emergency contacts; who do I contact if I breakdown or have an accident? Have the details to hand.


This information was provided by RES (HSQE Bulletin 10-19) and shared with SafetyOn for circulation.