Bullet number

HSE SA-0021187-21/05


Target audience

Affected Areas

Countries: All

Functions: Nacelle, Blades, Construction, Concrete Towers, Service, Administration/ Engineering

Platform: All Nacelles NX specify: K08 Gamma and Delta 3000

Distribution list:


External; Contractors


In light of recent events and pursuant to the existing safety and maintenance instructions for K08 Gamma and Delta 3000, it is mandatory that the rotor lock is applied on the main shaft prior to any work on the drive train or below the drive train (see picture 1) in the nacelle cellar (yaw area).

Before opening the hatch / door (picture 2/3) leading to the yaw area (picture 1) the rotor lock must be engaged. Under no circumstances should the hatch be opened without the rotor lock applied and the rotor lock must remain applied until all works are completed and all personnel/tools are cleared
from the yaw area and the hatch is closed.

Not following this procedure can lead to serious injury or fatality

Actions required

1. Always engage the rotor lock when entering the nacelle for any work in the critical area “nacelle cellar” (yaw area) and for work on the drive train.
2. Always engage the rotor lock prior to accessing the hub or working inside and outside the blades.
3. Any issue affecting the functionality of the rotor lock or rotor brake must be immediately reported and fixed prior to any maintenance work.
4. Special attention must be paid to all DANGER signs in the maintenance instructions, cleaning procedures, RAMS, in Service Notifications and Technical Notifications as well as to warning signs inside the turbines.

Further Information

Pictures  1,2 &3 can be viewed by downloading this Safety Alert