SafetyOn are pleased to announce the publication of its newest good practice guideline, Traffic management for onshore wind farms.

SafetyOn identified several incidents involving vehicles and traffic management. In response TAC developed a workstream to examine traffic management for onshore windfarm sites and produce a good practice guidance to assist the industry design, planning, implementation and maintenance of traffic management systems for the full life cycle of a wind farm.

A virtual workshop was held on the 14th January 2021 as an essential part of the scoping phase. Health and safety experts, industry stakeholders and front-line workers were brought together to engage in an open discussion and share learnings and experiences of traffic management on windfarm sites. The primary objective of the workshop event was to guide the initial stages of project delivery and to inform what might comprise essential content of the good practice guidance document. The feedback and input received during this workshop has been invaluable in the development of the workstream.

A second virtual workshop was subsequently held on the 29th June 2021 which was attended by the HSE. The main aim of the 2nd workshop was to validate the guideline developed by SafetyOn is representative of industry expectations and to seek any further feedback on the document. A final draft of the good practice guideline was presented, and a discussion was had on the content and structure of the document.

SafetyOn has always taken an industry collaborative approach to health and safety and this guidance is a reflection of that. A diverse work group consisting of operators, service providers, OEMs and Tier 2 members delivered this guidance. A special thanks to members from RES, GE, EDF-RE, Farrans and 1StopWind for openly sharing and building on the collaborative approach of SafetyOn.

The SafetyOn Traffic Management for Onshore Wind Farms Good Practice Guideline has undergone a structured review by SafetyOn Tier 1 and Tier 2 members, HSE and industry stakeholders to ensure that the guidance is representative of the entire industry.

All SafetyOn good practice guidelines are available on the website.