SafetyOn in conjunction with RenewableUK have published guidance regarding site operations, construction and return to the office environment during COVID-19. The document has been prepared for use by the wider onshore wind industry and is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure alignment with updates from Government, Health & Safety Executive and other relevant stakeholders as the situation regarding COVID-19 Pandemic evolves.

The approach from the start has been to develop guidance that can quickly be adapted to meet the evolving needs of the industry. A work group was formed with representatives from SafetyOn Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) who have been meeting on a weekly basis since the start of the pandemic to review and update the existent guidance. The guidance was first published on 31st March 2020 and has since had ten revisions.

  COVID 19 – Guidance 
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We are delighted to have received the Scottish Green Energy Award 2020 for Positive Improvement for the SafetyOn/RUK guidance. This has been the result of great collaborative effort across the industry. Congratulations to all those who played a part in this achievement.

For the latest version of the SafetyOn/RUK Guidance during COVID-19 for industry please visit SafetyOn/RUK Guidance during COVID-19 for industry

Trevor Johnson, Principal Inspector Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
"When SafetyOn was formed in 2018 it aim was to provide the necessary leadership to improve health and safety in this key industrial example. The COVID-19 guidelines are an excellent example of them delivering on this promise. They recognised the urgency of the matter, brought all parts of the industry together and published these guidelines within a matter of days. More importantly, they have been adopted by individual developers and therefore there is no doubt that they have reduced the spread of the virus, while ensuring we generate electricity and move towards the target of Net-Zero."

Ricky Guy, SHE Manager, Farrans
"This document helped our organisation remain fully up to date with all the COVID requirements and developments for our onshore Windfarm projects, it was easy to navigate and understand, the information was of particular use at a site level with practical examples of how to manage the ever changing situation throughout the pandemic.

The lack of jargon and use of simple language was extremely useful allowing all levels of our organisation to fully understand the guidance notes."