G+ is run in partnership with the Energy Institute (EI), which provides the secretariat and supports its work. The EI is the chartered professional membership body bringing energy expertise together. EI good practice resources take the form of technical guidance, research reports, specifications, test methods and videos. Covering the entire energy system. Hearts and Minds is a behavioural safety toolkit designed to facilitate cultural change within organisations, in order to improve people’s safety behaviour and performance.

Being human

Error is normal. Blame fixed nothing.  These are just some of the principles of human performance. It is important that we understand and manage the things that negatively or positively impact human performance, rather than trying to manage the people themselves.  Everyone has a role to play, from front line up to senior leadership.  Watch the new Hearts and Minds video ‘Being human’ to find out more about human performance, its principles, and what you can do about it.



Measuring learning

How do we know that the organisation is learning from incidents? EI-funded university research has found that there are broadly two types of indicators of learning.  We call these:

- Hard indicators: evidence that the organisation has learned, e.g. there has been a demonstrable change in practice, processes, equipment, and results (i.e. fewer incidents).

- Soft indicators: proof that the organisation is capable of learning, i.e. it has put efforts in place to ensure there are the right learning activities (training courses, toolbox talks), organisational support (culture, leadership) and attitudes and knowledge (people are open to learning).

What are the hard and soft indicators of learning that can be measured in your organisation?  What evidence can be gathered and used to measure these, what does that evidence really tell us (how useful is it), and are we making the best use of it?

Measuring learning is a free workshop exercise designed to be carried out with a group of 6-12 people.  To support the workshop, the EI has produced a workshop facilitator booklet and video, freely downloadable from: https://heartsandminds.energyinst.org/toolkit/measuring-learning

The video has been designed to help you facilitate the workshop.  It consists of two parts.  Pause the video when prompted and carry out the workshop exercises within the facilitator guide with your group.

In part 1, the group will learn about ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ learning indicators –these are the things that tells us whether learning has happened, or can happen.  The group will then be asked to identify examples of each type of indicator that could be measured in the organisation (exercises 1 and 2).

In part 2, the group will be asked to select a small number of learning indicators, and then to explore what evidence is available in the organisation to measure these.  What does this evidence tell us? And how is that evidence being used?