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IOSH Conference and Awards Dinner


📢 📢 We are thrilled to announce that SafetyOn is an official sponsorship partner at this year's IOSH Conference and Awards Dinner.

The theme of this year's conference is 'Nurturing positive outcomes for people and the planet'.

The Conference and Awards Dinner takes place on Thursday 09th November. For more information on the event please visit the IOSH website.


Arc Flash Event


During planned service work on a WTG the AT of the party was removing isolations to Q3 and Q10 within the 1S1 cabinet at the convertor platform level. When the technician removed the Q3 isolation, the lockout device fell down into the cabinet, appearing to fall between a gap in the protective covers and coming into contact with live conductors causing an Arc Flash Event to occur.

SafetyOn Background

SafetyOn hand injury campaign


We're pleased to release the final video of the SafetyOn hand injury campaign; "The correct tools for the task"

Digital Data

SafetyOn Incident Data Webinar


Data Leads, Anna de Fortuna and Chris Forster will provide an overview of the data collection method, key trends, & explain how monitoring and gathering data on the h&s performance of the UK onshore wind sector informs our evidence-based work programme