This workstream has been formed to design a visual identity for SafetyOn, to promote the brand and to develop an engagement platform with relevant stakeholders. It is key to introduce SafetyOn in order to avoid any confusion regarding its role and responsibilities in relation to existing organisations in the wind energy sector (including RUK, GWO, G+ etc.).

We are currently in the process of developing our communications strategy which will form the fundamental communication objectives of the group. This includes elements such as regular activity updates, announcement of and information on events, (for example the annual stakeholder day and workshops), the development of communication material, and the set-up of an internal communication platform for members. We are also working on an engagement plan with key stakeholders. All public information is made available via the SafetyOn website and updates are communicated via LinkedIn and Twitter.

We held our inaugural Stakeholder Forum at Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 05/12/19. Many thanks to all who attended. We hope you enjoyed the day and found the event informative and useful. Please see presentation slides from the day. More info to follow!